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It is imperative to always consider your personal and financial safety when making commitments online.  At TourerTrader, we have put together some guidelines for consideration, we do recommend you read them to stay safe 


Always communicate via TourerTrader - If you use the ‘Send Message to Seller” button on the ad, you get an extra level of monitoring. Majority of scammers will try to lure you away from our website. Perhaps even by adding email addresses or phone numbers to their pictures. They do it to avoid our checks. So don't give them an opportunity, avoid them.

Always view in person. If you are accompanying a viewing, always make sure it is in daylight, have a friend or two with you, if possible be in view of CCTV, note the registration, make, model and colour of the vehicle that the prospective buyers arrive in, only if you feel its suspicious as you don’t want to make them feel uncomfortable either, its commons sense and intuition. The good news is that majority of people are genuine, law abiding citizens, but you don’t want to be the odd victim of fraud

Be suspicious of a seller that first asks you to pay using one payment method, then asks you to change to another, claiming they have account issues. Typically, they first suggest PayPal, then ask you to change to something like Bank Transfer, Moneygram or similar.

Read before you buy The more clued up you are, the less likely you are to be scammed. Make sure you ask for paperwork too, like CRIS documents, Logbooks, certificates or receipts.


At Tourertrader we take scams very serious indeed.  We are always on the look out for scammers and will ban them from our site if we identify them, for instance, if they have a static IP address we can block that, if we suspect the advert is a scam we will take it down immediately, if you believe an advert is a scammer then you can report it by click the the “report abuse” button next to the advert.

If you are in doubt at any time and would like us to investigate, then please just email

We have compiled a list of what we found across the web, guidance from others too, on how to avoid the scammers and the typical scams that are currently used.  Please read them carefully and be prepared, both as a seller and a prospective buyer.

·     BE SUSPICIOUS - if someone asks you to ship your item outside the UK, this is a common scam and interaction with such scammers should be closed down and 

    avoided all times.  All our Advertisers and purchasers at Tourertrader are intended for UK Market only.

·     BE CAUTIOUS – forms of payment such as cheques and bankers draft, even if they clear may be fraudulent, its best to ask for cleared funds, electronic transfers, 

    best that the prospective purchaser in person face to face sees the goods, if they like them, then make an electronic payment to your account in full, only once the 

    payment has cleared, should you then release the goods.

·    BE CAUTIOUS - if someone sends you a cheque or banker’s draft for your goods, then asks you to return the money to them for whatever reason, via an 

    instant cash transfer service such as Western Union or MoneyGram. Cash transfers made using these services are instant

·    FRAUDULENT INVOICES – TourerTrader never send invoices for payment, all advertising payments for classified adverts are made by the seller via our

    chosen payment partner, Worldpay as they produce their advert and it goes live, be aware that scammers may send invoices acting as us, these should 

    NOT be paid and forwarded onto our team at for immediate investigation. 

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